Museums Assistance Program Guidelines for 2012-2013

The Museums Assistance Program (MAP) supports heritage institutions and workers in the preservation and presentation of heritage collections. MAP provides financial assistance to Canadian museums and related institutions for activities that:

  • facilitate Canadians’ access to our heritage;
  • foster the preservation of Canada’s cultural heritage, including the preservation of representative collections of Aboriginal cultural heritage; and
  • foster professional knowledge, skills and practices related to key museum functions.

The program aims to preserve and present Canada’s diverse and rich heritage. Successful MAP applications could include activities that achieve the following:

  • Development and circulation of Canadian travelling exhibitions and associated interpretive material;
  • Preservation and presentation of Aboriginal cultural heritage;
  • Implementation of key collections management systems;
  • Sharing best practices related to key museum functions to the benefit of multiple institutions.

Emergency assistance may also be available to help institutions undertake remedial action to mitigate damage to collections caused by an external event, e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, etc. Institutions facing such crisis should contact their regional MAP office for further information. This assistance is available year-round and may be offered to any incorporated non-profit Canadian museum, irrespective of other MAP eligibility criteria (providing services to the public year-round, employing the equivalent of one full-time paid professional staff, etc.)

MAP Components

MAP supports five broad categories of projects:

  • Access to Heritage: for the development and circulation of travelling exhibitions;
  • Exhibition Circulation: for the hosting of out of province travelling exhibitions or in province exhibitions that received funding from MAP (through Access to Heritage or Aboriginal Heritage) and have already travelled outside of their province of origin;
  • Aboriginal Heritage: for projects related to the preservation, management  and presentation of Aboriginal cultural heritage;
  • Collections Management: for projects to improve knowledge, skills and practices related to key museum functions;
  • Canada-France Agreement: for joint missions between French and Canadian heritage organizations to create ties and enhance competencies of museum professionals, including partnerships for exhibition development and sharing of specialized expertise in the area of museology. Particular emphasis is placed on applications where the objectives also further the development of official language minority communities

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